Online Mentorship Program for Creative Teens

The Editor
May 30, 2020

We’ve been entertaining ourselves with various iterations of storytelling since the beginning of human civilization. A cave drawing, when compared to Netflix, comes across as primitive–sure–but they were both born from the same intrinsic need. Entertainment, in the form of: recounting a too-close encounter with a Sabertooth Tiger, or the gradual snowballing of verse and song into century-spanning oral histories; a brief reprieve from Coronavirus news; for inspiration and insight; for the permission and privilege of losing ourselves in someone else’s life for the greater part of an afternoon. Creativity is a gift, and in these uncertain times, people are turning more and more to storytelling in order to distract themselves.

The Daphne Review is hosting an online mentorship program for talented high school student writers and established writers/teachers acting as their mentors. We’re currently taking applications for both types (students and qualified mentors) and hope you’ll continue spreading the word about this program to any interested parties. 

For any and all questions, feel free to contact the editor-in-chief, Mary B. Sellers, at either or

Program details:

Start Date: Aug 3, 2020, running through Aug 28

Format: online; mentors would skype/hangout/zoom with students 1 hour per week as well as give feedback for 1 hour per week via email (total weekly time: 2 hours)

Classes: the writing in each session can be flash fiction, poetry, and hopefully pieces that students are interested in submitting to scholastic competitions in the future

Pay for mentors: 
– $50 per hour for skype or $200
– $25 per hour for email or $100
– total: $300 via paypal

Feel free to share our website, this post’s information, The Daphne Review Facebook Page, or forward along Mary B.’s contact info to interested parties.

Thank you, in advance, for your help and support!