Ready to send us your work? Please read this page in its entirety to ensure your submission is complete. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.


We accept submissions from high school age artists only (ages 13-18). All submissions must be original works by a sole creator and must not  be previously published/printed. Any evidence of plagiarism or theft of ideas or images will result in the rejection of your submission.


Written Submission Guidelines:

Each written submission should include the following materials:

1.) Introductory cover letter

2.) The written work, submitted as an attached Microsoft word document titled as follows: “Last Name_First Name”


Art Submission Guidelines:

Each art submission should include the following materials:

1.) Introductory cover letter, including a brief bio in third person

2.) Attachment image of artwork in JPG format at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. These attached image files should be titled as follows: “Last Name_First Name.”

3.) If the submitted work is part of a series (a triptych or comic strip, for example) then please number each image in the order in which they should appear. For example: “Last Name_First Name_1” and so on.


Please send submission materials to



The deadline for the Fall 2016 edition of The Daphne Review is 31 July 2016. All submissions received after that date but before 31 December 2016 will be considered for our Winter 2017 edition.


  1. Dear The Daphne Review,

    My name is Meredith Bernstein. I am an eleventh grade student at the William Penn Charter School. I grew up and still live outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I enjoy filling my free time by playing tennis and squash. I thank you in advance for your time in considering my work.

    Meredith Bernstein


    So still – so still –
    Transparent Truth deceives
    Return to your embrace
    There you stay – frozen –

    Wind to the sun –
    Hoist my waves away
    Again I behold –
    Truth of the Truth

    Your cold touch Stings –
    Far and wide
    Captivate my entity!
    Unseen Breath – warm me –

    1. Dear Meredith –

      Thanks very much for your written submission to The Daphne Review. We will be accepting submissions for our Fall 2017 edition over the next several months and will be in touch closer to August with a publication decision for you.

      Thanks for your interest in The Daphne Review!

      All Best,

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